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Why Did I Choose to Become a Professional Midlife/Retirement / Relationship / Encore Career Life Coach?
I chose to obtain additional education in Professional Life Coaching in order to Make a Difference in the world by leading people to lives of significance. To empower my fellow man to overcome their obstacles and solve their problems, to help them bring out their potential, to support them to see their possibilities, and discover the Big Picture of what their life and families could become. For me coaching isn't just about fixing problems, it's an idea, a type of conversation one has with oneself and with the world, and your coach facilitates that conversation. I would be honored to be part of your conversations. 

My name is Steve Wrigley and I have worked with individuals with Special Needs and their families for over 39 years. I have completed a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with a minor in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have served as a Case Manager, Administrator for the Utah Division of Services for People with Disabilities, and supervised statewide crisis services. I have conducted interviews with thousands of individuals and families over my years of public service. I have had the opportunity to work with individuals who have intellectual, physical and mental health disabilities. I have worked closely with individuals / families with Traumatic Brain Injury and Autism. 

I have always been professionally interested in Midlife Transition / Retirement  / Relationships and have read and studies on the topic for many years knowing that someday I would have to address the questions that would come with moving into my Encore Life / Career.  I was certified as a AARP Life Reimagined group leader and ran several Life Reimagined Checkup groups across the State of Utah, helping individuals 50 and over prepare for their Midlife Transition and Retirement. 

 Two years ago, I startegrandfather laughing with grandson in chaird on my own Encore Life / Career process and decided to complete additional education / certification as a Life Coaching from the Institute for Life Coach Training ( enabling me to obtain national certification as a Board-Certified Coach (BCC). A BCC means that I have met professional coaching competency standards established by the national for Credentialing and Education. I later completed the Retirement Options  certification program (  as a Retirement Life Coach. I have also completed additional course work in Career Coaching, Group Coaching and Marriage / Relationship Coaching.

Why Midlife Transition / Non-Financial Retirement Coaching?

elderly couple smilingAs I moved closer to my own Encore Life, I became involved with the AARP Life Reimagined program. This was an effort by AARP to focus on those 55 to 70 who were considering or had just retired. I had the opportunity to be certified in the Life Reimagined course and to teach this across the State of Utah. I found working with individuals preparing for retirement and recently retired to be another one of my passions. I went on to complete a certification in Retirement Coaching from Retirement Options and am certified to administer the Retirement Success and Life Options profiles. Retirement Options is the leading Retirement Coaching certification program.

Why Relationship Coaching? 

Family HuggingSpecial Needs, Retirement and Relationship coaching chose me from a life time of experiences. My Rehabilitation and Marriage and Family Therapy background fit well with the field of Special Needs / Retirement / Relationship Life coaching. Relationships are the foundation to all successful marriages and families. I have found that Relationship Coaching is the foundation for working with couples and families that have a special need child. I have also found, that relationships are frequently stressed due to retirement and the development of an Encore Life. Individual and couple relationship coaching is quite benefical to a successful retirement and an Encore life for the individual and couple. 

I have several years of experience leading PREP Marriage Education classes. Though my graduate education focused me more on the medical model, I have always believed that the answers to life’s questions can best be found within the individuals. My role as Special Needs / Retirement / Relationship Coach is to support and guide the individual / couple/ family to find the answers that work best for them.

For information regarding my Midlife / Retirement pacakges / programs, press here,  And for information regarding my Relationship packages / programs, press here.