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Midlife Transition & Retirement Groups & Workshops

Don't Just Retire, Refire! Group Coaching & Workshops
(Helping You Obtain a Purpose Driven Retirement)

Group Coaching / Workshops allows interaction with other married or non-traditional couples in a group process format that occurs over a period of several weeks. Group coaching may be for only the individual who retiring or both of the partners. Group Coaching and Workshops are a more cost-effective way to learn the retirement success factors and develop a personal Retirement Options plan. Morning Light Coaching follows the Retirement Options proven class format based on either the Retirement Success Profile or the Life Option profile.

Don't Just Retire, Refire! Workshops and Groups are being developed. For information, please contact me.

Workshops and Group Sessions on life and career transitions will help you design your Encore Career and/ or Life:
1) Are you 5-7 years from leaving your primary career and haven't given any thought to how you'll spend your next 25-30 years of your life?
2) Are you recently retired and wondering what your Encore Life may look like?
3) Do you have a desire for a career or encore life that reflects who you are now?
4) Are you unsure of what your options are and how to pursue them?
5) Create your own personalized retirement transition plan.


Retirement Options Assessments content are the basis of the
"Don't Just Retire, Refire!" Coaching Groups and Workshops:


Life Option Questionaire Profile:

The information in the questionnaire provides a strong foundation of personal data upon which you can build the bet life plan for your future. Finding the best for yourself and your loved ones involves planning in all areas. To create the best plan, you need the best data.

The Six Life Areas:

  1. Career & Work
    1. Ideal Work
    2. Work Benefits
    3. Work Options
  2. Health & Wellness.
    1. Health Practices
    2. Vitality
    3. Attitude
  3. Finance & Insurance
    1. Knowledge
    2. Planning
    3. Confidence
  4. Family & Relationships
    1. Flexibility
    2. Caregiving: Adult Children
    3. Grandparenting
  5. Leisure & Social
    1. Leisure Preferences
    2. Residence
    3. Travel
    4. Hobbies
  6. Personal Development
    1. Life Meaning
    2. Education
    3. Volunteering


The Retirement Success Profile (RSP) 15 retirement success factors:
The RSP measures 15 "retirement success factors". These 15 variables have been demonstrated to positively impact one's retirement decision and/or future retirement lifestyle.

The Fifteen Factors:
Career Life Arena:
1. Work Reorientation
2. Attitude Toward Retirement
15. Replacement of Work Functions
Family Life Arena:
5. Financial Security & Planning
12. Dependents
13. Familial & / Relationship Marital Issues 
Relationships Life Arena:
6. Current Life Satisfaction
10. Adaptability
11. Life Stage Satisfaction
Self- Life Arena:
3. Personal Directedness
4. Health Perception
7. Projected Life Satisfaction
Spiritual Life Arena:
2. Attitude Toward Retirement
8. Life Meaning
11. Life Stage Satisfaction
Leisure Life Arena:
2. Attitude Toward Retirement 
9. Leisure Interest
14. Perception of Age