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Midlife Transition & Retirement Coaching

Don't Just Retire, Refire!
(Helping You Obtain a Purpose Driven Retirement)

What is Non-financial Retirement Wellness Coaching and Would I benefit?

elderly couple golfing"The Best Is Yet To Be" Retirement poses some of the most challenging questions we have ever faced. Who am I and what kind of person do I want to become? Where do I want my life to go next? What legacy will I leave?  Rather than seeing retirement as a period of idleness, more are seeing it as a period of opportunity - not a sung safe harbor but a bold change of course on a bold new voyage. I would like to support you on your voyage.

The focus of Morning Light Retirement Coaching is on the Non-Financial aspects of retirement planning and living. While some people seem to be naturally "good" at being retired, for others to attain a fulfilling retirement requires some deliberate soul searching, and hinges in large part on concepts entirely unrelated to money. Retirement Coaching is about helping the client and/or couple define and achieve their Encore Life and/or Career(s), to not Just Retire, but to Refire their lives.  My goal is to help individual's/couple's to Reinvent their retirement years through structured individual retirement coaching programs. My "Don't Just Retire, Refire!" and "Purpose Driven Retirement" coaching groups and workshops will guide you through your voyage into your Encore Life.  My objective  is to help you develop, design and live a Purpose Driven Retirement to enabling you toTHRIVE during your retirement years. 

Non-Financial retirement coaching focuses on Retirement Wellness. This is the process by which one prepares to replace their work-identity, stay connected to family and friends, keep mentally and physically strong and spiritually active. Even before one tackles the financial issues, one should be in the proper mindset with their beliefs and behaviors about retirement. This is the Non-Financial side of retirement that also needs to be addressed as you consider your future retirement and encore life. Retirement is not like crossing a stationary finish line, one where the race is over once you surpass some defined financial threshold; instead, creating a Purpose Driven Retirement, much like growing into a fulfilling career, requires modest (and somethings major) course corrections along the way. The science of having enough money to live comfortably in retirement is arguably no more important than the art of cultivating an enduring sense of purpose for how to live the rest of one's life. 

Over the past several years, as I have moved in to my Third Age of life, I have discovered how one can have a successful Encore Life and Career. My Third Age of life is defined by an orientation toward life, rather than being defined by a specific age. The Third Age, is a commitment to fully explore, develop, and express yourself during your retirement years.

When I initially retired from my 31 years with the State of Utah Department of Human Services, I knew that I wasn't going to embark on this next phase of life -- which could be longer than my childhood, longer than the time it took to raise my family, and maybe as long as my initial carrier -- without a game plan. I set off on a quest to discover how I can live a full Encore Life and Refire my Life and not Just Retire. I would like to share with you what I have discovered through my years of study and certification as a Mid-life Transition / Retirement Coach. Together, we can help you successfully enter your Thirds Stage of Life and discover your Encore Life so you too can Refire and Not Just Retire! 

Retirement is not what our parents/grandparents understood it too be. With extended lives, we may have functional lives well in to our 90’s. Twenty-five to Thirty years is a long time to be just retired. It will be necessary for individuals between 50 to 70 to develop an Encore Life and/or Career that will be fulfilling, rewarding and contributing to society. Typically we spend more time planning a vacation than planning for our retirement. While we may invest considerable time worrying about our financial future, we often fail to consider the other aspects of our lives that will be impacted by this transtion. 

Non-Financial Retirement Life Coaching is one of the services that will help you Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life". As I have had to process this Encore stage of life myself and have worked with AARP members to help Reimagine their Lives, through the AARP Life Reimaged project, I have found that many individuals in the third age of their lives are seeking answers to questions they have about the future. I want to play an important part in helping you find the answers and direction that you are seeking.

two people riding bikes at sunetWhether you are five or ten years away from retirement, actively planing for it, or already retired, you may benefit from the benefits of a retirement coach.Statistics show that within two years after retiring, many individuals will encounter issues if they have not clearly definded this new phase of thier lives.

Mid-life Transition / Retirement Coaching empowers you to discover what is truly important and create a plan for positive change. If you are 5-7 years from leaving your pirmary carreer and haven't given any thought to how you'll spend the next 25-30 years of your life, transition coaching can help you design a Encore Life / Career. Mid-life Trnansiton / Retirement Coaching helps you identify your retirement strengths and concerns and then coaches you to create a personal roadmap to live successful and enriched encore lives. I use in-depth assessment tools to pinpoint areas of concern around your future and help identify your ideal Encore Life / Encore Career options. I will work closely with you, offering insight, support, and guidance in helping you to not "Just Retire, but to Refire" your life and find your personal path towards a meaningful Encore Life and/or Career Plan. Life planning is different than traditional financial planning becaue the focus is more about who you are and who you want to be than it is about money.  

If your are ready to prepare for retirement or want to not "Just Retire, but to Refire" your life or are unsure of what you options are and how to pursue them, I can provide the structure you may be missing as well as the accountability you need to successfully design a Encore LIfe / Career.


Midlife Transition / Retirement Coaching through Morning Light Coaching, 
is provided in 3 differenct formats:

Older Man Using Laptop1) Individual Coaching  for pre-retirees and the already retired.

A) This includes individuals 50+ and are actively planing their retirement or those within 10 years of working less tthan full time or who will receive a pension. B) Anyone who is already retired and looking to introduce greater meaning or purpose to their lives. Individual Coaching can be individually focused on areas specific to your retirement questoins or based on your Retirement Option assessment profile results and a proven format based on retirement success factors who have been demonstrated to positively impact one's retirement decisions an.or future retirement lifestyle. 

elderly couple smiling2) Couples Coaching for married or non-traditional couples who may be transitioning into retirerment together or where one individual is retiring and the other partner continues to work can benefit immeasurably from retirement coaching.

3) Group Coaching / Workshops allows interaction with other married or non-traditional couples in a group process format that occurs over a period of several weeks. Group coaching and workshops may for only the individual who is retiring or both of the partners. Group Coaching and worksops are a more cost effective way to learn the retirement success factors and develop a peraonal Retirement Options plan. Morning Light Coaching follows follows the Retirement Options proven class format based on either the Retirement Success Profile or the LIfe Option profile. See our my current Groups Coaching and Workshop classes.