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Mathew Maxwell - Saratoga Springs. UT

When I first contacted Steve Wrigley, I was struggling in a number of areas of my life. My biggest challenge was that I had just lost a big client, which for years had been my primary source of income. Additionally, I was also struggling with serious career burnout, family relationship challenges, anxiety, and some depression. I was also facing the stark reality that I would have to end my ten years of running my own company and return to full-time work, working for someone else. And I didn’t have the tools to cope and recover. I was drowning.

I decided to get some professional career coaching, since that aspect of my life was at the root of my struggles. At first I had been a bit skeptical because from his website, he seemed on the surface to be a jack of all trades (coaching in marriage, retirement, autism, special needs, etc). I was only interested in career coaching. I called him and found him personable, a good listener, knowledgeable, and eager to help, so I decided to proceed.

Long story short, he was amazing. We met weekly over a period of a few months and he was an incredible resource to get my life back on track. His breadth of experience was actually an asset, not a liability. For example, it was a principle in a marriage book that he recommended that unlocked a huge breakthrough in my perplexing career struggles. His expertise in midlife crisis was also a huge help.

The most impressive thing about Steve, was that he was always very prepared and had always carefully done his homework. He was obviously actively thinking about me during the week between sessions. He was always prepared with stacks of books to recommend, tests I could take, and great advice. It was very apparent that he reads a lot and had dozens of career books that were heavily marked up with notes. He also helped me with preparing for job interviews and job hunting.

The end result was that I have a clear written vision of my “Why”, that governs everything I do. I have changed my outlook and attitude. I feel like my career burnout is almost entirely gone, I landed a rewarding full-time job, and have improved my marriage and family relationships. Steve saved me. It was certainly one of the best decisions I have made in my life to engage his services. I highly recommend him.