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It's important that there's a good match between a client and their coach. To help you determine this, there's no substitute for giving coaching a try. Let my buy you a 45 -minute complimentary coaching strategy session. During our discovery call we will start you on the road to creating your best life ever and help you reach the life, the goals and dreams you desire. Let's make the rest of your life the best of our life! 

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Are You Living the Life You've Imagined? If Not, Let Me Support You To Start Living That Life Today!

Midlife Transition and Retirement Coaching
Relationship Coaching

PREP (The Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program)

                                                                                          My name is Steve Wrigley and I have an important question to ask you. How would your life cSteve Wrigley, M.A, BCC, RCChange if you could tap into your full potential? What if you could have anything you want for your life? Today you are one step closer to a new you, a stronger relationship and/or successful family.

As a Midlife / Retirement, Relationship and Encore Career Coach, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential
and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Helping you make radical improvements in your life and family is my focus. I provide support and guidance for transforming the issues that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Whether you want coaching to help you to achieve a specific outcome or wish to enhance all areas of your life or family, I can help you get there faster.

The power of coaching is that it amplifies strengths; accelerates learning and self-discovery; promotes clarity; creativity and choice; builds capacity and positivity. Coaching supports people to achieve and often exceed their goals more quickly and efficiently than they would without the partnership of a coach. 

The focus of our coaching session are the development and implementation of strategies to help you reach your identified goals of life balance, strong relationships and personal satisfaction. Our coaching may address specific personal projects, life balance, career, job performance and satisfaction, non-financial retirement planning or general conditions in your life, family, business, or profession. Our sessions will utilize personal strategic planning, values clarification, brainstorming, motivational techniques, and other helping techniques. Though I am there to support you throughout the process, you are responsible for your actions and choices.

The relationship between the coach and client in coaching is specifically designed to avoid the power differentials that occur in the counseling relationship. You will set the agenda and the success of the enterprise depends on your willingness to take risks and try new approaches. The relationship is designed to be more direct and challenging. You can count on me to be honest and straightforward, asking powerful questions and using challenging techniques to move you forward. You are expected to evaluate progress and when coaching is not working as you wish, you should immediately inform me so together you and I can both take steps to correct the problem.

In essence, my primary job is to help you set and achieve personal goals. Such goals can be relevant to your job, retirement, personal life, marriage, family, or interpersonal relationships. I do this by providing coaching services in the areas of personal growth, relationship issues, career path, non-financial retirement, and special needs / autism coaching.

If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, I look forward to working with you. Contact me today for a COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION and start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love!

As a Relationship / Life Coach, I specialize in the following areas:

Midlife Transition and Retirement Life Coaching Individual,
Group Coaching and Workshops Sessions:

"Don't Just Retire, Refire!"

elderly couple smilingWhat is Non-financial Retirement Coaching and Would I Benefit?The focus of Morning Light Retirement Coaching is on the Non-Financial aspects of retirement planning and living. It is no longer appropriate to view retirement as a one-time event; it is better seen as an evoluntionary process. With today's longer life expectancy, many of us will thrive in retirement for 20,30 years or more - so it is certainly workth the time and energy to think about thie "long and hard" and then plan accordingly.

While some people seem to be naturally "good" at being retired, for others to attain a fulfilling retirement requires some deliberate soul searching, and hinges in large part on concepts entirely unrelated to money. Retirement Coaching is about helping the client and/or couple define and achieve their Encore Life and/or Career(s), to not Just Retire, but to Refire their lives.  Don't just retire from your old life; retire to a new life. Never fully retire. Don't disengage; re-engage in your new life. My goal is to help individual's/couple's to Reinvent their retirement years through individual retirement coaching, my "Don't Just Retire, Refire!" and "Purpose Driven Retirement" coaching groups and workshops.  My objective  is to help you develop, design and live a Purpose Driven Retirement to enabling you toTHRIVE during your retirement years. Retirement coaching will help you pursue your real interests and true passions. Work part-time, volunteer or turn a hobby into a small business. Help you get involved in the activities you always wanted to do but never had the time to do. Don't abandon your relationships; deepen them.

Over the past several years, as I have moved in to my Third Age of life, I have discovered how one can have a successful Encore Life and Career. My Third Age of life is defined by an orientation toward life, rather than being defined by a specific age. It is a commitment to fully explore, develop, and express yourself.

When I initially retired from my 31 years with the State of Utah Department of Human Services, I knew that I wasn't going to embark on this next phase of life -- which could be longer than my childhood, longer than the time it took to raise my family, and maybe as long as my initial carrier -- without a game plan. 

Non-Financial Retirement Life Coaching is one of the services that will help you “Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life". As I have had to process this Encore stage of life myself and have worked with AARP members to help Reimagine their Lives, through the AARP Life Reimaged project, I have found that many individuals in the third age of their lives are seeking answers to questions they have about the future. I want to play an important part in helping you find the answers and direction that you are seeking.

Whether you are five or ten years away from retirement, actively planning for it, or already retired, you may benefit from the benefits of a retirement coach. Statistics show that within two years after retiring, many individuals will encounter issues if they have not clearly defended this new phase of their lives. 


Relationship Coaching:

What Exactly is Relationship Coaching?
group of people holding hands at sunsetRelationship Coaching is the application of coaching to personal and business relationships. While many become motivated to seek help when struggling with their relationships, coaching and relationship coaching are positive, results-oriented professions. Relationship coaching is a professional client-focused service.

Coaching helps functional people achieve their personal and relationship goals. The individual / couple /family is assumed to be healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance. While relationship coaches might be experts in relationships, the art and science of coaching is to facilitate success for the client without providing advice or professional options.

The role of the coach is to faciliate the client's learning to find his/her own answers. Coaches may need to strategize or brainstorm with clients or offer ideas, but these ideas are not proposed as solutions. These ideas are offered as possibilities. The Coach is the client's equal. There is no superior knowledge or treatment plan; the coach is just present for the client's/couple''/parent's articulated agenda.

woman with arms stretched outCoaching Singles for Relationship Success:
A single person is seeking his own happiness, but for it to culminate in a lasting commitment, if must result in a selfless love of another. Dating is a pursuit of self-happiness. Somehow, this selfish act as to transform into a comparatively selfless relationship, in which each seeks the happiness of the other.

elderly couple smilingCoaching Couples for Relationship Success:
es can facilitate transformative conversations that chip away at the "ice" of our client's long-held beliefs and assumptions. When couples come to coaching, they are coming with an expected outcome. 1) They might expect the relationship to dissolve as amicably as possible, 2) They may be uncertain about the relationship and want help deciding whether the relationship can be salvaged, 3) They may be hoping to rejuvenate the relationship and trying to work out how, and 4) They may already have a strong relationship but are seeing assistance in making it better.

Coaching Parents for Relationship Success:
Family Smilingg provides support for functioning families when the parents are honest enough to realize that what they are doing is not quite enough, their approach may not always be working, and it is time to look at alternative





PREP (The Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program)

What is the PREP Approach?

father in background speaking to frowing daughter in foregroundThe PREP Approach is the gold standard for relationship education. It is a scientifically-based and empirically-tested method of teaching relationship education, backed by over 30 years of research—much of it conducted at the University of Denver and sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. To see a comprehensive summary of the research background of PREP click here: The PREP APPROACH

Each curriculum promotes healthy relationships for various audiences— singles, couples, fathers, workplace colleagues, and more. The PREP Approach has been extensively evaluated, including by various research teams around the world. PREP is regularly refining what we do based on both evaluations and new research about relationships


Personal Growth
Non-Financial Midlife and Retirement Coaching
Administration and Interpretation of the Retirement Option - Retirement Success and Life Option Profiles
Individual and Couple Relationship Coaching
Resilience Coaching
Encore Career Coaching
Achieving Balance

Purpose and Mission Statement
Communication Skills

PREP Relationship Coaching Classes
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